The Steps involved in Purchasing your Property

The Steps involved in Purchasing your Property

When we receive Contracts and copy Title from the Vendor’s Solicitors, we will investigate title and raise questions with the Vendor’s solicitors. When we are satisfied that the title is in order, we will then arrange for you to sign the Contracts and pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price.

By now you should have received your loan approval and you will sign this paperwork when we meet to sign the Contracts. We will submit the documentation to your lending institution.

The next stage is the closing procedure. Once you have complied with all conditions in your loan approval and the Vendor’s have confirmed the closing date we will requisition your funds from the Lending Institution. We will prepare a Bill of Costs and statement of the monies needed to complete the purchase and send them to you prior to the closing date.

After completion, we will register your ownership of the house and forward all documentation to your lending institution. We will write to you at this stage to advise you that the registration is completed and we are closing your file in this matter. Please note that we retain your file in storage for 12 years after which it will be destroyed without any further notice to you.

We are always happy to answer or any questions or queries you have in relation to the above process.